software solution
for your bus company.

The multilingual cloud solution Lost and Found Manager as well as the app can be used for the entire lost and found process of your company or agency. Free of charge and without requiring an installation.

The Lost and Found Manager

Simply Foundtastic

Perfect for mobile use

Submitting lost and found items via mobile devices enables an easy and efficient handling during often very hectic everyday business.

Always up-to-date at your Service Desk

Different departments can compare and display their data on a central platform – customer service that pays off.

Easy return

The Handling Gateway reunites found items with their owners in just two easy steps. Handling fees and packaging costs can be paid directly via the platform and transferred to your account. Shipping fees are directly paid by the customer.

Lost time is never found again

return rate

Using the Lost and Found Manager increases the number of returned items significantly – a definite service advantage over your competitors.

storage time

Your warehouse management is simplified thanks to the systematic structure of search inquiries and found items. This automatically decreases the number of items that you have to keep in storage.


Bus passengers can directly access the found item database 24/7. Searching parties are saved from long waiting loops, queues, closed doors, and frustrating phone calls.

Easy to use

The software offers an intuitively usable and free of charge interface that allows the easy addition of found items – or looking them up.

No costs

Use the software and see for yourself, just how easy it is to work with the Lost and Found Manager.

Work relief

Externalizing the found item inquiries will relieve your workload significantly. Employees save time and your bus enterprise saves money.

You've found something?

You've already done enough!

The Lost and Found Manager is designed to significantly decrease the workload of your bus company –
and increase your service as well as customer appreciation at the same time.
Optimize your lost and found process

This is what our users have to say

"Thanks to the software, we've nearly automated the found item inquiries."

"Our customers appreciate the option of being able to look for lost items – it also saves us quite the work effort."

"It's just great to manage found items effortlessly and legally sound."

"We hardly have to take action anymore, because the solution takes care of most processes. Even the found item is picked up on premise by a logistics company."

"Exactly what our lost and found management has been missing."

"Hopefully, everyone will be using the software soon, since the lost and found network is extremely useful for us as well as our customers."

"The Lost and Found Manager fulfills all functionalities that we expect from modern lost and found software."

We are ready to take the lost and found process off your hands!